Men's attire: Men are required to wear collared shirts with sleeves or long-sleeved mock turtlenecks. Slacks or Bermuda shorts are acceptable as long as they do not exceed 3" above the knee. Cargo-type shorts and pants are not appropriate. Men must remove sports hats, caps and visors in the clubhouse except in the locker room. Hats are never to be worn backwards and men's shirts are to be tucked in.

Women's attire: Golf shirts with a collar, golf shirts without a collar but with sleeves, high neck golf shirts without a collar or sleeves, skirts, slacks, skorts, capris and Bermuda shorts which do not exceed 3" above the knee are appropriate. Tank tops and warm-up suits are not permitted.

Golf Footwear: Golf shoes with metal spikes are prohibited. Guests should not change their shoes in the parking lot. Please utilize the locker rooms.