Club History

On September 16, 1907, a meeting was held by eleven men to take steps to organize a country club. Through the foresight and imagination of this small group of pioneers, the foundation for one of the community's first country clubs was established.

The stated purpose of the club was to develop "the mental and physical well-being of its members through athletics; the enjoyment of 'rational' and social amusements; the playing of golf, tennis, and other 'lawful' games; the cultivation of aquatic and equestrian opportunities; and as incidental to those, the maintenance of a clubhouse and other appropriate facilities."

On March 31, 1927, the purchase of the present grounds was concluded. Clearing of the farm fences started on May 22nd, and the first ground was turned on the golf course on June 2nd. Use of the course started in the summer of 1928, and the club building was formally opened on Thanksgiving Day, 1928.

Westwood Country Club has a rich heritage and character that is steeped in the traditional values upon which was as initially conceived. The club has undergone many changes, however, the same spirit of family, friendship, and hospitality that founded the club in the year 1907 remains unchanged today.